How to make it big in Network Marketing?

Are you a network marketer struggling to get success in network marketing?

Do you have a question like, “Is this industry really for me?”

All of your questions will be no more from now. I am ou concerned about the success of everyone in this industry to set the standards for network marketing.

Being born in a middle-class family, I am hearing that money is evil and all the rich people are bad since childhood. They designed my mindset could see success only on the job saying only those who don’t get any job will do business. Everyone faces the similar issues.

I am completely against this industry until I researched about this industry completely, I used to feel that this is a scam. I thought that people will get into this business so that they can make some quick money.

A Research for 3 Hours – Enlightenment to See the Truth about Network Marketing

I used to feel as I said before. One fine day I researched about this industry and realized the truth and the true potential of this industry. I saw what the famous people are saying about this business, network marketing. I saw that people after becoming successful also started this business. Then I signed up as a business associate in a company and started building this business.

I started watching videos of all successful people. Learnt what are the requirements to attract success in life. I got to know what is required to get success in network marketing. I got to know the secrets of successful people.

The Secret to Getting Success in Network Marketing

I have 5 years plus experience in network marketing. So I feel I am the right person to tell you.

Who is the CEO of Microsoft?

Yeah, Satya Nadella.

Do you know how long he stayed at Microsoft before he became CEO of Microsoft?

It’s 22 years.

He has been loyal to Microsoft for 22 years. As a result, he became CEO of Microsoft.

In the same way, you need to stay with only one company for a long period.

Don’t panic on seeing 22 years, the good news is only 5 years is enough.

Stay with one company for atleast 5 years.

Success in network marketing


In network marketing, the biggest secret is only 1-5 leaders contribute to the 90% or more of your income. In order to find that 5 leaders you need to sponsor 100-500 people personally.

If you follow these things, then the success is yours in network marketing.

Do you want to become a crorepati in network marketing?

A successful distributor in network marketing is the one who gives minimum 10000 presentations

All the crorepatis in network marketing have shown the business plan to minimum 10000 people or more.

I hope you will follow everything I stated here and get massive success in network marketing. Feel free to comment below, if you have any question. Share this information to multiply the rate of your success in network marketing. Let me know the areas you are weak at, I am ready to help you out.

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  1. Laxmman Diddi
    Laxmman Diddi says:

    how to close 10 out of 10 sales.. ????
    how a normal person will have more contacts to build the Network , he is having limited contacts ,, how to close sales ..out of 10/10 ??
    is it possible to close ?

    need clear explanation?


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