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How to Focus On Your Business Keeping Facebook Away

Do you know that top successful persons don’t let their kids use? Because Facebook is the main distraction that is keeping us away from being productive. In this article, you can learn how to keep it away and focus on your business.

Am I the only one telling you to keep Facebook away? No there are many people who are telling you the same.

Is Facebook Really A Distraction? | Focus On Your Business

Moreover, it is important to how people achieved more time when they stopped using Facebook. Watch the below video to know how deleting Facebook account will benefit you.


Here is the documentary named “Why I am not on Facebook”. Watch it to know some valuable insights.


 How to Focus On Your Business Keeping Facebook Away

Here are the tips that will help you to keep Facebook away and be more productive:

  • Keep some dedicated time on when to use Facebook.
  • Turn off the notifications of your phone. (I am doing this and it is helping me a lot)
  • Here are some tips on how to avoid wasting of time on Facebook by WikiHow.
  • Instead, use facebook only for networking and get updates from the pages you follow only.

PS: This article is not only about Facebook but also about all social media platforms which are consuming more of your time.

This article on How to Get Massive Success in Network Marketing will help you in increasing productivity.

Did you find this information useful? If you want me to write on anything that you are lagging in your network marketing business let me know by commenting below.

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  1. Vijay Narla
    Vijay Narla says:

    How to approach people who are elder than you and you want them to start this business keeping all egos away…the same thing called ‘ego’ is coming in middle when I present them this opportunity of advanced franchisee.

    • Abhinay Mandla
      Abhinay Mandla says:

      Pick any product from your company that everyone loves to use. It should be cost-effective, they must be using similar kind of products on regular basis. First, recommend that product, tell them just give it a try. If the person loves the product, he’ll definitely come to you to purchase it again. With time being, you can promote other products and ask them for referrals.

  2. Siddu sidharth
    Siddu sidharth says:

    Hello sir
    I want to know about
    How to build a quarrel freee team in network marketing
    I’m facing this problem
    Please tell me some tips regarding my question
    Please sir


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