massive success in network marketing in 2018

How to Get Massive Success in Network Marketing in 2018?

I am posting late on “getting massive success in network marketing in 2018” for a purpose.

Every new year everyone reviews their life and make some resolutions to make this year better than the previous year.

I also looked into my life in 2017.

I reviewed my strengths, my mistakes, my lessons. Learnt what are the areas I need to focus more, what I need to follow to make the best of 2018

The reason I posted late is, everyone will be ready with their resolutions and business goals by this time. I need to know them all to help you achieve your goals.

Here is the audio clip of what I learnt in 2017.

How to Get Massive Success in the Business Career in 2018?

Success is different for different persons. To get something you first need to know what you want. Getting success in this business is not easy but it is simple.

Here is the step by step process to get huge success in your network marketing business in 2018.

  • Create a goal. Set monthly goals, weekly goals and daily goals.
  • Plan your daily work. Extend it to weeks and months. Then you can plan for a year too.
  • Give personal growth #1 priority.
  • Stay consistent with your work.
  • Don’t miss any event.
  • Don’t work very hard, take some time for fun.
  • Focus on retailing.
  • Stay in touch with uplines. Discuss your plans and take suggestions.
  • Show more plans.

Goal Setting

success in network marketing in 2018

In my 5 years plus journey in network marketing, I saw that majority of people are good at telling their longterm goals.

Some persons goals really surprise me, their confidence, their clarity and everything.

But when I ask “What is your goal for this month”?, “What is your goal for this week”? There will be utter silence.

You need to set realistic goals.

Keep simple and short goals then you will get motivated to do more with each goal accomplished.

You can design your life the way you want by planning

After setting goals. You need to consult your uplines and split into small goals and plan to achieve them. You can design every day by planning it 30 minutes before going to bed.

Give the #1 Priority to Personal Growth

In network marketing, you get paid what you are worth. So focus on your personal growth.

Consistency is the key to mastery

success in network marketing in 2018

Source: BrandExtract

You can observe in the above image that if you are consistent then you can progress. If you don’t then ultimately you are going to witness failure badly.

Don’t miss any event

Events play a key role in boosting your progress. You can submit massive turnovers if you use events correctly. Attend every possible event. Event promotion is one of the key skills. Master it.

Don’t be Hard on Yourself – Make Fun a Part of the Plan

We are not machines to be in work mode all the time. Take care of your health. Make it a priority to leave everything and enjoy twice or once a month. Go on vacation or visit family, spend some quality time with them.

Focus on Retailing

Make it a habit creating at least 5 retail customers in a month. If you do so, you will have another source of income which is useful when the business is dull.

Last but not least. You should never stop showing plans. If you follow all the above but not showing plans, you hardly get success in the business.

What your team is doing and what you are doing for your team is nothing. But showing plans more gets you income.

Follow all the steps mentioned above. If you are not good at anything which I mentioned here, comment below. I am happy to help you. If you find this information useful, share with your business partners.


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  1. Peketi Praneeth reddy
    Peketi Praneeth reddy says:

    Thank you very much sir for your time and helping us by conveying your experience in 2k17.. I will implement it definitely and I’m planning to become multi millionaire in this year it self…So,this information may helpful for me

  2. Vijay Narla
    Vijay Narla says:

    I want more information on the topic “focus on retailing”.. more tips on how to retail company’s products effectively.

  3. Lakshman kumar
    Lakshman kumar says:

    hai sir i want more information on “Retailing products” give me tips how to promote retile company’s products effectively.


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